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Proscuitto Cups

So I had this brilliant idea for the month of November on my blog. With the holiday season quickly approaching, I was going to bring you a new Whole30 appetizer once a week for the entire month. Well...that is not happening. I was testing recipes and brainstorming ideas, and then I got sick. Ulcerative Colitis sick...and it has reminded me about self care and what that really means.

Self care doesn't mean going for a pedicure, going on a shopping spree, or splurging on your favorite, overpriced Starbucks drink. What it really truly means, is stepping back and looking at the things you can realistically accomplish and what you can't...and being able to say "no", even when you want to say "yes."

I love the idea of doing an appetizer post once a week for the month of November...and I had brainstormed some great ideas...unfortunately, it isn't going to happen. I will still be posting recipes...but only when I truly have the time and energy t…

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