Bacon & Apple Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

This is one of those meals that just screams Fall! I'm so happy to be cooking in my oven on a regular basis again...and this is one of my faves as the seasons change and weather gets cooler. I'm a sucker for Pork with Apples...they just compliment each other so well.

This recipe doesn't have many ingredients, but is big on flavor...just the way I like it! It doubles easily and is great for serving up for for friends. The leftovers make pretty tasty sandwiches too!


1 Pork Tenderlion about 1 pound
5-6 Whole30 compliant Slices of Bacon
1/2 Apple sliced thinly
2 cloves of Garlic
2 tsp dried Rosemary
2 tbsp of Ghee melted
1 tbsp of Avocado Oil
Salt & Pepper


1. Pre-heat the oven to 375. Melt the Ghee and mix in the Avocado Oil, Garlic & Rosemary. Remove the silver skin from the tenderloin.

2.  Lay the tenderloin onto a baking tray with parchment paper. Brush over some of the ghee mixture, then salt and pepper the meat. Layer on the apples, then gently brush on more of the ghee mixture.

3. Carefully wrap the tenderloin and apples with the bacon...leaving the seams underneath the meat if you can, if not, just overlap them. Brush with the rest of the ghee mixture.

4. Bake in the oven for 40 minutes. If the bacon isn't cooked to your liking, turn on the broiler and broil for 3 - 4 minutes. Remove from the oven and allow the meat to rest for 5-10 minutes. Slice and serve with your favorite side dish.

***Note: Depending on the thickness or thinness of your tenderloin, you may need to adjust the cook time. If you are in doubt, use a meat thermometer. You are looking for the meat to have an internal temperature of 140 degrees.

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