8 Whole30 Lessons:

I did it! I finished 4 rounds of Whole30! Obviously I am no expert...I only speak from personal experience...but after completing 4 rounds...I feel I've learned some lessons that are worth sharing! 

1. This is the best eating plan out there! This is not a diet...and I'm not going to say that I have tried all the diets out there...but I did two - two year stints of Weight Watchers...and although successful at first...gained back every pound I lost both times. Why? Because WW doesn't teach you how to eat properly/healthy for life. Whole30 does! 

2. Pinterest & Instagram can be your best friends or biggest enemies. Be very careful of the recipes that say they are Whole30. Lots of them are compliant...but lots of them are not. I follow a lot of fellow Bloggers, Instagramers, and Pinterest'ers and there are a lot of people who eat Whole30'ish or Paleo  but claim to be Whole30. Remember...you NEED a plated fat...NO plantain chips  & sweet potato gnocchi from Trader Joe's are NOT compliant... bacon is NOT a protein or fat source...Larabars/RX Bars are NOT a meal...and...put down that DAMN smoothie! Sorry if I'm "yelling"...but if you are gonna do it...do it right...trust me...it is worth it!

3. This isn't hard! I know Melissa Hartwig says “It is not hard. Don’t you dare tell us this is hard. Quitting heroin is hard. Beating cancer is hard. Drinking your coffee black. Is. Not. Hard.” & I agree with her whole heartedly! Once you get through the first week or two, prepping becomes common place, and you learn what you need to have on hand for you to be successful. And seriously...everyone needs to get over their "ethical" coffee addictions!

4. It can be a mental/mind game. When I woke up Round 1 Day 31, the first thing that went through my mind was..."I'm done...I can go get fast food breakfast!" Fast food breakfast is obviously my weakness. I was stunned that after 30 days of feeling better and sleeping better than I had in years, that this was the first thought I had when completing a Round. I did not get fast food breakfast that day, or any day since...but the thought still creeps in...and I fight it every time because I know how horrible I will feel if I don't! This is also why you are not allowed to weigh yourself. Simply put...your body goes through detox among other changes over the 30 days...I know if I had weighed between days 10-17 on my first round, I would have been very discouraged as I was so bloated...so stay off the scale...it's all part of the mental game to get you where you need to be.

5. Re-introductions are a very important part of the plan. There I said it...so many people don't do re-introductions properly...and it is so important to learn what your body can and can't handle...and this will bring you to your Food Freedom. Remember that the foods eliminated on Whole30 are not all bad for you...yes, sugar is for sure...but learning what your body can handle, will help shape the rest of your eating life. You will learn what is worth it and what isn't...and what you can sneak a mouth full of and get away with, without feeling horrible as long as you don't eat an entire plate full! I already knew I couldn't eat peppers...I could have hot sauce...but no peppers...through Whole30 I also learned that I can't have white potatoes. I have Ulcerative Colitis. Both peppers and white potatoes are nightshades and contribute to inflammation in the body...and Ulceative Colitis is an inflammatory disease...but I digress...my point is...please do your re-introductions...even if you do a slow roll...the knowledge you will gain from it is immeasurable!

6. The health benefits are astounding! These are called "Non-Scale Victories"...these are all the amazing benefits besides losing weight. My Ulcerative Colitis is under control...my PCOS has gone from a full on thunder, lightening, & rain storm to a light drizzle. I never get headaches anymore, I don't get "hangry", I sleep like a rock, my joints don't ache like they used to, I don't get foggy headed at 3pm, I have more energy on a daily basis, my (albeit low level) anxiety has disappeared, and I never feel gross from the food I eat! 

7. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Whether it's the waiter at the restaurant, the friend that asked you over for dinner, or your local butcher. You need to know what is in your food. I always end up talking to my local butcher for 15-20 minutes if there is no one waiting...he tells me where the animals come from...and what they do to process the meat. With waiters...I always tell them when they bring the menu that I have some restrictions and will have some questions before ordering...this lets them know that they will need to spend a few more minutes at my table when they take my order. Waiters have a lot going on, and if you can help them with their time management...they will be thankful and helpful.

8. Trust the process. Whole30 is black and white...there is no grey area. If you think a food falls into a grey area it is probably SWYPO (Sex With Your Pants On)...and you should choose not to have it. I see a lot of people on all social media platforms fighting the rules and recommendations of Whole30. Don't. Just don't! If you want to know the reasons why you can't have this or that, please read "It Starts With Food"...it will explain all the scientific reasons behind the yes/no answers to your food questions. It's only 30 days...you can do it...but please...Trust the process...it works...and it's amazing!

With all of that said...every round you do will be different...we all come from different places when starting...whether our age, our previous health history, or our current diet...the experience will differ for everyone! If you are thinking of doing Whole30...I encourage you to do it. It will change your life! Check out the Whole30 website for all the resources you will need.

What have you learned/experienced from Whole30? I would love to hear about it! Comment below.

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